LA WEEKLY: California man's lifelike model recreates Pan Am 747 in warehouse

Anthony Toth loved flying Pan Am as a child. As an adult, he spent more than $100,000 to recreate the interior of a 747 inside a Los Angeles-area warehouse. His mockup is nearly perfect. 

CONDE NAST TRAVELER: Why It's Never Been Easier to Fly to Asia

The Boeing 787 has allowed airlines to add a bunch of new routes between the U.S. and Asia that were never possible in the past. Here's how. 

L.A. DAILY NEWS: Shipping fresh produce overseas key business for airlines operating out of LAX

How do California berries reach markets in the Middle East, Asia and Europe 48 hours after they're picked? I went to Los Angeles International Airport to find out. This story won a California Newspaper Publishers Association award. 

CONDE NAST TRAVELER: The One Airline That’s Actually Improving the Middle Seat

Did you know that when Frontier switched to new seats, it made the middle seat slightly wider than the aisle and the window?