JetBlue Airways is seeking a pretzel bread. But why?

Attention all bakeries: JetBlue Airways is searching for tasty, durable pretzel bread to serve on board some of its aircraft. 

I met four friendly JetBlue employees this week at a airline food trade show in Anaheim, California, where they were scouring for bread. It is to be served in the Mint cabin - JetBlue's version of first class - on flights between New York and Los Angeles and New York and San Francisco. But only for brunch.

Why pretzel bread?

As a friendly baking salesman explained to me, pretzel bread is unusually hardy. You can transport it from the bakery to the catering company and onto the aircraft, and it can still taste pretty good. Try doing that with a baguette, I was told, and it would not work out well. 

But what about the current bread?

I'm glad you asked. JetBlue has been using a croissant for its brunch service, and the friendly four employees said there have been no complaints from passengers. But the croissant has been served at room temperature, and there has been some discussion at JetBlue HQ -- really, this is serious -- that a croissant is best served warm.

Since JetBlue does not have the capability to warm its onboard bread, it was decided to make a switch. Hence, the pretzel bread. Good at any temperature!

One baking salesman told me JetBlue looked at three options. Which do you prefer?

Option 1

Option 2

Option 3