How often do you check your frequent flier balance?

Do you check your frequent flier balance more than your credit score?

If you do, you're not alone, according to a survey release last week by I wrote about the survey for Conde Nast Traveler, so you might check to see what I wrote for them. The study found  about 17 percent of the 600 respondents admitted to checking their frequent flier balance at least once per month, while only 15 percent monitor their credit score monthly. It also found that millennials - travelers between 25 and 34 - check their mileage accounts most often. 

Here are some other highlights from the study, which asked several questions of people "who report they are currently collecting miles or points for an award flight."

  • 61% of respondents they are satisfied with their mileage programs. 28% said they are dissatisfied. Another 10% said their miles are worthless.
  • 75% of people who tried to book an award flight in the last year said they were successful booking one. But only 39% of people saving miles tried.

This is what annoys people the most about airline mileage programs. 

And it's probably no surprise that most people earn most of their miles not through flying, but through other stuff.