Delta ups its commitment for super fast onboard WiFi

Delta Air Lines said Wednesday it is upping its commitment for Gogo's new super fast 2KU satellite-internet system, promising it soon will outfit at least 600 planes with the platform. 

In the past, Delta had said it would only be installing the service on about 250 planes. Retrofits will take some time, but Delta has already begun, and by the end of this year, it says more than 35 aircraft will have 2KU. In the short term, your best bets for getting 2KU will be on the airline's Boeing 737-800 and Airbus A319 fleets. 

I hate to use the phrase "game changer" but it might be apt here. I tried to use Gogo's traditional system last week on Delta, and it was so slow that it was almost unusable. But last year, I tested the new system on Gogo's test plane, a 737, and it worked about as fast as home internet. I could stream from Netflix and Amazon and even watch live television. Even if Gogo's system may not be quite as good as it was on the test plane, this will still be a huge improvement for Delta fliers. 

Here's how Delta describes 2KU. 

2Ku is next-generation technology that provides consistent, uninterrupted coverage nearly anywhere in the world, including over oceans. Installation of 2Ku will offer customers faster speeds and bandwidth more than 20 times that of Gogo’s ATG technology, allowing for video streaming functionality.

I'd say this puts pressure on other airlines, especially American and Delta, both of which are heavily reliant on older Gogo systems, to respond. What do you think?