How old do you think this Delta Air Lines plane is?

If you follow airlines closely, you probably know Delta Air Lines had a media day last week in Atlanta. I attended, and it was a full dog-and-pony show, filled with executive interviews and tours of airplanes. Lots and lots of airplanes. 

I don't fly Delta a lot, so I was most struck by one of the airline's Boeing 757s. Delta is updating many of its older aircraft, including many 757s, and they look like brand new airplanes. This is an 18-year-old plane. But you can't tell, right?

You can see that the 757 with the new interior is nearly identical to Delta's first Airbus A321, pictured below. When I toured this plane, it had yet to fly paying passengers. But it was scheduled to enter revenue service this week.

Once you go up to the cockpit, you can easily see the difference, though. Here's the Boeing 757.

And here's the A321. 

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