Burbank Bob Hope Airport is now Hollywood Burbank Airport. Why?

 Bob Hope Airport has a new name. Photo: Bob Hope Airport. 

Bob Hope Airport has a new name. Photo: Bob Hope Airport. 

An airport just north of Los Angeles is getting a new name - and it's a little clunky. 

Burbank Bob Hope Airport soon will be known as Hollywood Burbank Airport. According to the Los Angeles Times, the airport's local governing body voted 8-1 to make the change. The legal name of the airport will remain Bob Hope, but all the branding will change. 

The problem with the old name, officials said, is that out-of-towners did not know where the airport was located. Burbank is as close to many areas of L.A. as Los Angeles International Airport, but if you're not familiar with the area, you would not know. Local officials believed - and I think they're right - that a tourist in, say, Omaha, looked only at one-stop itineraries to LAX, rather than adding Burbank to the search. The airport hopes the Hollywood moniker will help. 

"Research demonstrated that 70% of surveyed passengers east of the Rockies didn't know where Bob Hope Airport was," the airport wrote on its Facebook page. "Some thought it was in Texas, some in Palm Springs, some in Vietnam."

The new name does a better job of describing where the airport is, but it is not quite accurate. It is true that the airport is close to Hollywood, but it is not in Hollywood. Instead, it is in the San Fernando Valley. 

According to a different L.A. Times story, four options had been under consideration - Hollywood Burbank Airport, Burbank Hollywood Airport, Los Angeles Burbank Airport and Burbank Los Angeles Airport.

A branding firm hired by the airport had preferred to put Los Angeles in the name - it said the city's name would result in more web searchers finding the airport - but local residents did not like that, according to the Times. 

What do you think of the airport's name switch?