Video: A British Airways A380 performs a go-around in Vancouver

Most of you know a lot about aviation, so you know a go-around is no big deal. For a variety of reasons, many of them relatively mundane, a plane cannot land at the last minute. 

Instead of landing, it gets close to the ground and then climbs again. Not a huge issue, though occasional fliers might be surprised. 

Patrick Smith, who blogs as "Ask The Pilot," explained common reasons for go-arounds in a post a couple of years ago. 

The truth is pretty boring: go-arounds are fairly common and seldom the result of anything dangerous. In most cases it’s a minor spacing issue: controllers aren’t able to maintain the required separation parameters or the aircraft ahead has not yet vacated the runway. Not an ideal situation, but let’s be clear, this is not a proverbial near miss. The reason you’re going around is to prevent a near miss. Actual instances where a collision is narrowly averted do occur, but they are exceptionally rare.

Other times traffic has nothing to do with it. A variant of the go-around, spoken of somewhat interchangeably, is the “missed approach,” when a plane pulls off the same basic maneuver for weather-related reasons.

This week, as you can see above, a person who goes by the name AvgeekYVR on YouTube captured a British Airways A380 aborting a landing in Vancouver.

About 30 seconds in, you can see the aircraft gets close to the ground and then climbs again. It's an impressive video, and it shows how capable the aircraft is at climbing quickly.