Want to help fund a documentary about airline meals?

 These two want to make a documentary about in-flight food. Want to help them? Photo: InFlightFeed.

These two want to make a documentary about in-flight food. Want to help them? Photo: InFlightFeed.

How much do you like learning about in-flight catering? Enough to open your wallet?

I ask because InFlightFeed, a website dedicated to showing pictures of what people have eaten on airlines worldwide, is trying to raise money for a documentary about airline catering. Founder Nik Loukas and filmmaker James Mellor want to go behind the scenes at several airlines. And they want you to find it through the website, Kickstarter.

"This project will be a 90-minute, feature-length documentary on the backstory of airline food, including the history of the first meals (served in 1919!) and how technology and tastes have evolved to make the meals you eat today," InFlightFeed says in its Kickstarter appeal.  "The stars will be airlines, inflight caterers, cabin crew, frequent flyers, and the general public."

Most of you are probably familiar with Kickstarter. But if you're not, here's how it works. To make this film, Loukas estimates he needs roughly $74,000. (Actually 65,000 Euros.) Through Kickstarter's website, he is taking donations. At last check, he had only raised about $2,700, but let's hope that number rises steadily. 

The more you donate, the more perks you'll get. For a donation of about $400, you'll be invited to Hong Kong, where "you can sit in a first class cabin mock up and be served the latest dishes to grace the first class cabins of Cathay Pacific." [You'll have to pay your own travel costs.]

Loukas says a number of airlines have committed to appearing in the film, including Air France, SAS, Kullaflyg Airlines and Pegasus Airlines.

Here's the link to make a donation. 

I love InFlightFeed. I love what it says about the internet, how one man's passion for airline food can make a viable website. There are posts about the best chicken schnitzel at 35,000 feet, whether an airline can actually serve good-tasting pizza, and how the Hello Kitty-themed meals taste on Eva Air. 

InFlightFeed also has a robust Instagram page. Pictures like these almost make you want to fly Ukraine Airlines, right?

Or maybe you'd prefer lunch on Aegean Airlines?

Lunch! Brussels to Athens with #aegeanairlines #inflightfeed #airplanefood #planefood

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