Here's Delta's first-ever Los Angeles-centric commercial

Airlines rarely create market-specific television ads, because they're expensive and complicated to produce. But Delta Air Lines - never a carrier that follows it competitors - is bucking the trend. 

On Wednesday, during Kobe Bryant's final game with the Los Angeles Lakers, it introduced a new spot that will run only in Los Angeles. Delta's P.R. person claims this is the airline's first-ever Los Angeles-specific television ad. There's also a Spanish version, which Delta says is its first Spanish-language ad airing in the United States. 

Delta has been courting the entertainment industry crowd in L.A., so it's no surprise this commercial has a Hollywood theme. 

Here's how Delta describes the ad.

Narrated by legendary actor Donald Sutherland and created by the airline's creative agency, Wieden + Kennedy, the spot follows the career evolution of a young boy and brings to life the idea that Los Angeles is a destination where, with hard work and perhaps a little Hollywood magic, dreams can take flight.

American and Delta are vying for the same customers in L.A., so we'll have to see if American produces its own ad. So far, American has been focusing on print ads, like these: