Should airline passengers like fees? And other links from the week

Happy Thursday, everyone. Your blogger is a tad jet-lagged, having just returned from Hong Kong. But he did have a chance to compile some of his favorite links. 


This guy says budget-minded fliers should love airline fees. Wall Street Journal. 

In the past week, one airline pilot was busted for running a brothel, while a fight attendant was caught with 70 pounds of marijuana. CNN wants to know if this is a trend. 

This really happened, according to AP. "A Japan-bound airplane returned to Hawaii because of a violent passenger who wanted to do yoga instead of sit in his seat, the FBI said."

United now flies nonstop between two tech centers - San Francisco and Tel Aviv. The Street. 

Which U.S. airline has the best on-time record? It's complicated. Cranky Flier explains why.

Air Canada has a new free stopover program. Will it persuade you to book a layover in Toronto? Conde Nast Traveler. 

How does United decide which routes to start? Airways News chats with the United executive who chooses where to put the airline's planes.