Korean Air's CEO said what about his airline's pilots? And other links.

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Here are some aviation stories I have been following this week. 

My No. 1 story is about the Tweet I have embedded above. As you may know, Korean Air Lines is embroiled in a labor dispute with its pilots, who would like to be paid more.  According to Korean media, a pilot vented on Facebook about the pressures of his job. For reasons, I cannot fathom, Korean Air's CEO then responded, Chosun.com says. 

Virgin Atlantic cut routes to Tokyo, Cape Town and Mumbai. What comes next? The Financial Times chats with the airline's CEO, and learns the details of a very unusual bet Virgin Atlantic's top executive made with his counterpart at British Airways. 

Want a response from an airline on Twitter? Among U.S. airlines, your best bet is probably JetBlue, The Economist says. Globally, Mexico's Volaris is a little faster. 

United is reworking its deal in Cleveland so it will have even fewer gates. One good thing for travelers? United is agreeing to keep its United Club open through 2029. Cleveland.com. 

I keep thinking we will tire of the stories, but I guess not. "10 ways airlines are making first class better and better for the 1%." Business Insider. 

These are some of the longest routes in the world. Aviation Week.

A new study confirms what we have known for a few years. New fuel efficient planes are making new international routes possible. "The aircraft allow longer services that will allow thinner routes that will bypass existing major hubs around the globe," OAG concluded, according to The Street.

Why are TSA security lines so long of late? CrankyFlier analyzes the situation.