Report: TSA finds 60 pounds of cocaine in a flight attendant's bag at LAX

A flight attendant fled Los Angeles International Airport on Friday night after authorities discovered 60 pounds of cocaine in her carry-on bags, according to Andrew Blankstein of NBC News. 

Blankstein, an excellent reporter, says the woman ran away without her bags just after TSA screeners asked if they could inspect her bag in Terminal 4. 

The woman, who was not identified, appeared nervous and made a cellphone call in a language not recognized by officers, authorities told NBC News. She was then taken aside to a secondary screening area and asked for her employee identification.

Suddenly, she bolted from the screening location, running with her bags toward an escalator, authorities said. 

If you check out NBC's report, you'll find a photograph of the cocaine. It must have been heavy. 

The story does not say which airline the woman works for. 

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UPDATE: Local media is reporting this flight attendant may have worked for JetBlue.

Another reporter notes that JetBlue does not have much to say. 

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