United is adding seats on 19 Boeing 777-200s. Here's the likely new seat map.

 United will add a seat to each row on 19 Boeing 777s. Photo:  Oliver Holzbauer /Flickr (Creative Commons)

United will add a seat to each row on 19 Boeing 777s. Photo: Oliver Holzbauer/Flickr (Creative Commons)

You may remember last week, when United Airlines finally announced what I reported more than a year ago - that it will add as many as 100 seats to some of its Boeing 777-200s. 

Nineteen planes are getting what airlines generally call the "high-density" treatment. About half of these aircraft now have three classes - first, business and coach - and fly international routes. The rest now have only two classes, and they often fly to Hawaii and Guam. 

When the retrofit is finished in about a year, these planes will have some of the most narrow seats in United's mainline fleet. The good news is that United expects these 777s only will fly domestic routes, though that includes Hawaii and Guam. 

United has not released a seating chart to the public. But a chart does appear in United's most recent flight attendant manual. 

Here's the chart from that manual. You'll notice, as United promised, the plane includes 10 seats across in economy class, one more than the 777s have today. 

Here's a comparison to the two types of current products United has on these 19 777s. 

This is the current international configuration. 

And here's the plane that's now mainly flying to Hawaii. 

Last week, I also posted a prospective seating chart from Boeing 777-300ER. United takes delivery of its first Boeing 777-300ER later this year, and the airline has not said how it will configure the planes. But as with the 777-200, the flight attendant manual shows a rough sketch of what United likely plans for the 777-300ER.