Meet me at the International Aviation Snow Symposium?

 I am super excited for this years I.A.S.S. What about you? Photo: I.A.S.S.

I am super excited for this years I.A.S.S. What about you? Photo: I.A.S.S.

There is a conference for everything. 

I learned this week that the movers and shakers in the airport snow removal business will gather this spring in Buffalo, New York to discuss the latest developments in ... well, I'm not sure. 

It is called the International Aviation Snow Symposium  - organizers abbreviate it as "I.A.S.S. - and if you're in Buffalo between April 23 and 27, you should stop by. Why it is not being held in winter I do not know. Perhaps folks are too focused now on snow removal. 

The release suggests this will be the 50th such event, which blows my mind. 

"This year the Convention Center will not only be filled with executives, decision makes, power brokers, and potential partners; it will also be filled with gigantic, state-of-the-art snow machines, plus a variety of other snow removal equipment."

I sort of want to go, if only to learn more about Flex-O-Lite, the first "Gold" sponsor ever for the event. "They are the largest provider of Type III airfield glass beads and serve hundreds of airports around the world," the release says. 

If you go, I recommend you stay until last night. That's when you'll see the annual Snow Plow Rodeo. 

I am not making this up.

The Rodeo committee will collectively design a course for the event that will challenge the competitors skills while including obstacles that are encountered during snow plowing events at airports. These may include; backing into a dock area, plowing around a radius (inside and outside), a serpentine obstacle, plowing close to a fixed object and perhaps a final challenge may be dropping the plow as close to the finish line as possible. 

And how will they decide who wins?

Competitors are judged first by how well they prepare their ride for the course and then they must impress the judges with their skills as an operator while the clock is ticking. It’s all about controlling your ride under pressure and being cool in the saddle like a real cowboy.

Do you wish you could attend I.A.S.S?