American's new Los Angeles advertising campaign

American Airlines wants to win in Los Angeles. 

That was the theme at an event American held Wednesday at the Hollywood Bowl, at which the carrier unveiled several not-that-exciting routes, including new fights to Portland, Seattle, New Orleans and Minneapolis. It will sell ticket to anyone, but American is making a big play for the lucrative entertainment and media business. Delta, of course, also wants those folks. 

“Right now it’s a race between us and Delta to be the biggest at LAX, but we feel good about our chances of winning that race," American CEO Doug Parker told one of American's employee newsletters. "You’ll see continued growth out of LAX because it’s a huge market for American going forward.”

This is good news for all travelers, because more competition usually means lower fares. By most metrics at LAX, American is No. 1 - but just by a little bit. Delta is close behind. 

I'll write more about American's plans in Los Angeles at some point, but for today, I'll share some of American's current L.A. advertising campaign. 

You're seeing an ad for the The Grove, a high-end shopping center, as well as a roving billboard for award shows and print and digital ads for Billboard magazine. Notice American wants first and business class travelers. 

What do you think?