Muslim flight attendant files EEOC complaint because of booze policy ... and other links from the week

Happy Tuesday, everyone. I hope my U.S. readers had a great Labor Day Weekend. 

Here are some of the stories I have enjoyed over the past few days:

A Muslim flight attendant with ExpressJet Airlines filed a complaint with the Equal Opportunity Commission when the regional airline decided it would force her to serve alcohol. Earlier, the regional airline had made accommodations, allowing the flight attendant not to serve booze. Washington Post. 

The Boeing 717 was a flop when it was new. But now, airlines can't find enough of them on the used market. What happened? Bloomberg has the story. 

Did you know that in the first eight months of this year, American has hired more than 8,700 employees? Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

Emirates has started flying between Dubai and Orlando. USA Today. 

The Wall Street Journal says Donald Trump's personal Boeing 757 is a major advantage on the campaign trail. 

What's the best U.S. airline for operational performance? says it's Virgin America. But the website uses an unusual methodology. 

Finally, here's a recent Tweet from me. Any guesses on what United might be thinking?