Do you like this new Allegiant Air commericial?

 Allegiant has a new "listen to your wallet" campaign. What do you think? 

Allegiant has a new "listen to your wallet" campaign. What do you think? 

Allegiant Air is probably the nation's most frugal airline - its CEO is a penny pincher who saves money on office space rent by working in a cubicle  - and apparently Allegiant extends its cost-saving approach to its advertising budget. 

The airline released a new commercial running nationwide on cable, mostly on channels favored by women ages 35 to 55. Moms are the primary family vacation planners, Allegiant says.

You probably saw the recent artsy Delta Air Lines commercial narrated by Donald Sutherland. This Allegiant ad is not like that. Instead, it features a talking wallet. "Campy" is probably the word that best describes this commercial. 

I'm friendly with Jessica Wheeler, Allegiant's director of marketing communications, and I interviewed her this week for another publication. Wheeler said the advertisement - which was definitely produced with a low budget - is meant to introduce new travelers to the airline. Many of them are on a tight family budget and may not know they can afford to go away on Allegiant.

"We realized we needed to take a step back and expose people to their first impression of Allegiant," Wheeler told me. 

And why is there talking wallet? "The wallet is meant to represent fiscal responsibility," Wheeler said, adding that the airline wants to be "silly" and "memorable."

What do you think of the advertisements? Do you give Allegiant credit for doing its best with what was surely a small budget? Or are you puzzled by the talking wallet?

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