Upset with an airline? will complain for you.

Have you had a bad experience on an airline? Do you want to complain? But maybe you don't have the time? Or you're not in the mood to fire off an angry email to customer service?

There's a company that claims it will make the process easy for you. It is called Get Service, and while it deals with all sorts of customer service problems, I suspect airline complaints are a big part of its business. 

To see how the site works, I pretended to make a complaint about American Airlines. These were the first questions the site asked me. I decided to make my problem a bag issue. 

The site then asked me how I wanted to solve the problem. I figured it would try for compensation. 

Next, the system asked me to log in, either with an email address or with Facebook. I chose Facebook. After I logged in, Get Service asked for my confirmation from American. 

Finally, the Get Service told me it had the situation under control. 

A little while later, I received an email from Get Service.

"I would love to assist you! May I please have your Address, Phone Number, Confirmation Number, eTicket Number, Baggage Tag #, and Lost bag report number please?

I don't actually follow through with my complaint, so I don't know what happens next. But I like the idea of the platform. I also like the site's honestly. Get Service makes no guarantees about what it will get for you. 

"We are representing you (and the company you have an issue with) and work to reach a fair resolution for all," Get Service says on its website. "But since we aren't the company itself, we can't guarantee you anything except that we'll try very hard to get you what you want."

You may be wondering how Get Service makes money. According to its website, it does not. It seems to be going for a market share play. 

"We're a new company building a name for ourselves.," Get Service says. "At this time our services are completely free for consumers and businesses."

What do you think of this platform? Would you use it? 

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