Delta surprises Los Angeles restaurant patrons with free trip to Paris

Hello Angelenos.

I'm sad to say most of you chose poorly for your dinner reservation on Wednesday night. Had you been at Troi Mec, one of the most expensive and exclusive restaurants in Los Angeles, you would have been surprised by Delta Air Lines, which would have given you a free business class trip to Paris. [Delta does not fly to Paris from L.A. though joint venture partner Air France does.]

This is a smart move. Trois Mec customers are not everyday Angelenos. They're people who pay $85 per person (without drinks and service charge) for a dinner created by three of the city's most exciting chefs - Ludo Lefebvre, Jon Shook, and Vinny Dotolo. These are the customers Delta wants to buy tickets in Delta One to New York, Tokyo and Sydney. They are also the same customers American Airlines is chasing in L.A. [United Airlines is not playing the same luxury-branding game any more, at least in Los Angeles.]

What do you think of Delta's move? Good idea? Do you wish you had been there?