Inland Empire will regain control of L.A./Ontario International Airport

I feel lucky I no longer cover Los Angeles city politics as closely as I once did. But we had some news today some of you might find interesting. The city of Los Angeles, which has run L.A./Ontario International Airport since 1967, has agreed to return the airport to local control.

This means a group called the Ontario International Airport Authority will soon operate the airport. In theory, the local group should be more effective at attracting flights to Ontario than Los Angeles, which was focused on LAX. Many of you know Ontario has lost a lot of its annual air travelers over the last eight years.  The locals in San Bernardino County hate that. They believe Ontario airport can be vibrant again.

What are the terms?

Below is the agreement, which is technically a settlement of a lawsuit filed by Ontario that alleged Los Angeles had mismanaged the facility. 

Warning: This could put you to sleep.