What's going on with Allegiant Air? And other links from the week

What's going on in the world of airlines? Here are some stories I have enjoyed this week:

Why is Allegiant Air having so many emergency landings? The Washington Post tries to figure out the answer. 

Former US Airways CEO Ed Colodny - he is 89-years-old - will fly on the last-ever US Airways flight - a redeye from San Francisco to Philadelphia on Oct. 16. Why? "It's for nostalgia," he told Ted Reed of The Street. 

Did you know Chicago O'Hare has a herd of goats, sheep, llamas, burros and alpacas? Really. USA Today explains what they do. 

Frontier Airlines is introducing a new fare called "The Works." What is it? For one price, you get all the extras, like carry-on and checked bags, as well as priority seats. That price will be less than the cost of all of those items individually, the Denver Post reports. 

The Wall Street Journal tells readers how they can save a lot of money on flights to Europe. How? By flying discount airlines like Condor and Norwegian from secondary U.S. cities, like Providence, Rhode Island. 

Why is Southwest Airlines having an on-time problem at Chicago Midway? Chicago Business Journal. 

Fortune asks if airline passengers are getting ripped off by robots. I would probably call them sophisticated computer systems, and not robots. But yes, as demand increases, airlines automatically raise their prices. Is that bad?

LOT Polish says it will accept bitcoins as payment, though a third party will process the transaction. Nice in theory. But will anyone use bitcoin? It's not 2014 anymore. USA Today.