Is landing on-time your first priority? Fly Delta.

Did you know Delta Air Lines is obsessed with operational reliability and on-time performance?

More than any other U.S. carrier, Delta is focused on reliability. It wants customers to know that, when they fly Delta, they have a better than average chance of arriving on-time. 

You have probably seen news that United is having a tough summer for on-time performance. But not Delta. It is rolling along. 

In a blog post at, airline spokesman Morgan Durrant summarized some facts about Delta's summer schedule, which runs from early June through mid-August. Here is some of what we learned:

  • Delta set an all-time single-day record on July 31 with more than 620,000 customers.
  • The airlines that make up Delta Connection canceled 1,400 fewer flights between early-June and the end of July than they did last year. (Last I checked, Endeavor Air had gone 41 consecutive days without a controllable cancelation.)
  • In June, Delta went 139.2 consecutive hours without a mainline cancellation. That's a record for the summer schedule. The previous record? Last June, when Delta went 80.3 consecutive hours without a mainline cancelation. 
  • Between early June and July 31, Delta had 21 days without a mainline cancelation. During the same period last year, Delta had only 12 days.