Can you take an Uber or Lyft from LAX? Soon the answer will be yes.

 It's official. UberX and Lyft pickups are coming to LAX. Photo: Uber. 

It's official. UberX and Lyft pickups are coming to LAX. Photo: Uber. 

You will soon be able to take an UberX or Lyft from Los Angeles International Airport, the Los Angeles Times reports. 

You may think this is old news, because about a month ago the Los Angeles Board of Airport Commissioners approved a plan to allow both companies, as well as competitors, to operate freely at LAX.  But the Los Angeles City Council was not consulted about these plans, and several members decided that they wanted to review the proposed policies. 

I never expected the council would reverse the Board of Airport Commissioners proposal. Ridesharing is legal everywhere else in Los Angeles. So why not the airport? Did city council members really believe UberX and Lyft were safe everywhere in the city except LAX?

You have always been able to take an UberX or Lyft to LAX. But this decision will allow the companies to make airport pickups. 

How long will it take? Here's what the Times says:

The last remaining hurdle is finalizing contracts between the companies and the city. The companies must be able to prove that their apps can provide the data that the city seeks, including the number of trips that drivers take onto airport property and how many drivers are inside the terminal area at any given time. 

If that process goes smoothly, as Mayor Eric Garcetti and other proponents hope, Uber and Lyft could be operating at LAX in a matter of weeks. 

Curious how other airports handle Uber and Lyft pickups? You might enjoy my recent piece in the Los Angeles Times travel section. I compared the policies at more than 15 airports.

One final question. Will taxis now disappear from Los Angeles streets? Their last position of strength was LAX.