Why airline employees have had a bad week for security

Do we have a security issue at airports, not for passengers, but among some airline and airport employees?

I say this because I awoke this morning to three recent news stories of events from three different airports. 

One American Airlines employee and two others "smuggled methamphetamines and cocaine to St. Louis in airline luggage," according to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch.  The airline employee was a cargo fleet service clerk at Los Angeles International Airport who started at the carrier in 2001, the FBI said in a press release. 

Meanwhile, at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport, 46 people were indicted in connection with drug smuggling ring. "In the elaborate operation orchestrated by federal and local agents, airline employees used their knowledge, airport friends and security credentials to evade Transportation Security Administration scrutiny and to board planes to Chicago, Las Vegas, Newark, Phoenix, Wichita and San Francisco," the Washington Post reported. 

Perhaps the most bizarre news incident reported this week happened near Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport on Wednesday. That's where two US Airways technicians at a flight simulator facility got into a fight and one stabbed and killed the other, the Arizona Republic reported.

I think these are isolated incidents. Hundreds of thousands of airline and airport employees work in and around airports, and they have no problems. Yes, dangerous stories like these happen more often than we would like. Last year, a Delta Air Lines employee was caught trying to smuggle guns between New York and Atlanta. But 99.9% of airport staff is professional and takes the job seriously. 

What do you think?