Why JetBlue Airways wants more live sports on board its planes

By now, you probably know passengers on JetBlue Airways flights equipped with WiFi can watch every Major League Baseball game for free, so long as they bring their own mobile phone, laptop or tablet. This was big news last week when it was announced. 

But I reported something else in a story today for Conde Nast Traveler. JetBlue doesn't want to stop with baseball. It says its internet system has the bandwidth to carry all games of several professional sports leagues. And a JetBlue executive told me the airline wants more sports.

"The reason for starting with baseball is that we were ready and they were in season," Jamie Perry, JetBlue's vice president for brand and product development, told me. "But we are talking to everybody."

There's a big difference between talking to leagues and making a deal, but I think this will be interesting to watch. Passengers love live sports, and if JetBlue could get every NFL game or NBA game, it could be a game changer. 

Some of you may recall JetBlue once offered every NFL game on its television platform under a deal with NFL Sunday Ticket.  The games were popular among fans, but I learned there was a problem with television capacity on some aircraft. JetBlue needed to dedicate 14 channels to the NFL, and on a system with finite space, that was a problem. But with Internet streaming, there's plenty of space, and Jetblue says it can carry just about anything it wants. 

What sports games would you like to see available on JetBlue's streaming Internet platform? European soccer, perhaps? (And yes, I know it's called football.)