At DFW in May, American Airlines diverted 287 flights

 American Airlines had a rough month of May at DFW Airport. 

American Airlines had a rough month of May at DFW Airport. 

May was not a kind month to American Airlines, at least at Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport.

The airline faced a multitude of natural disasters, both big and small, including torrential rainfall, flash flooding, tornadoes and sinkholes. If you flew American last month through Dallas, there was a good chance your flight was affected. 

American told employees this week that it was forced to divert aircraft on all 31 days in the month. In all, the airline diverted 287 flights, and they went to 64 different airports, according to an employee newsletter. These airports saw the most diversions:

Austin (32)

Abilene (28)

Tulsa (28)

Houston (26)

San Antonio (18)

Wichita Falls (16)

Lubbock (10)

Little Rock (8)

In a note to employees, COO Robert Isom compared the DFW weather events to a "a Hollywood apocalypse movie in the making" but thanked workers for making the best of the situation.  

"We all feel a huge amount of gratitude toward our coworkers across the operation for taking care of our customers, each other, and our equipment," Isom said. 

Were you stuck last month? How well did American handle it?