American won't be undercut on price. And other links from the week

Hello everyone. These are the aviation stories I have enjoyed recently. 

American Airlines will not let any other airline beat its prices. This is good news for consumers. "We’re not going to give anyone else an advantage and allow them to expand at a rate that takes away customers and is not good for our shareholders," American CEO Doug Parker told Bloomberg News this week. 

In a related story, American wants to improve its operation and optimize its fleet in 2016, according to the Dallas Morning News. One example: You may see more Boeing 737-800s in Charlotte, Philadelphia and Phoenix, all former US Airways hubs. Those planes are now mainly flown at American's hubs. 

Dawn Gilbertson of the Arizona Republic attended the same airline Phoenix conference a couple of weeks ago that I did. She also noticed a theme: Airline executives say passengers get what they pay for. 

Boeing's 787 program, which has lost a lot of money, is finally turning the corner, according to Crain's Chicago Business. 

Poor Cleveland. It wants a nonstop flight to Europe. Will it get one? The Plain Dealer - the local newspaper - reports. 

Why is smoking allowed it Atlanta Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport? The U.S. Surgeon General would like to know, NPR reports. 

What's JetBlue's "secret advantage"? It's super fast and free internet, Cranky Flier writes. 

And finally, Delta Air Lines has a new safety video. What do you think? It is irreverent, that's for sure.