Why you should fly Endeavor Air, a Delta Connection airline

If you have to fly on a regional jet, you might want to go out of your way to fly on Endeavor Air, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Delta Air Lines.

For a regional airline, Endeavor is frighteningly reliable. On Monday, Endeavor announced that it had gone 21 days, 12 hours, and 58 minutes without a "controllable cancelation."

That streak ended Monday morning, presumably when Endeavor had to cancel a flight for maintenance issues. As its name suggests, controllable cancelation means anything that is within the carrier's control. So weather does not count. Most airlines get excited if they go a few days without a controllable cancelation. 

This is not some tiny airline. Endeavor flies as Delta Connection from mainly from Minneapolis, Detroit and New York, and it has 116 aircraft.  During that 21-day period, Endeavor said it went 10,855 consecutive flights without a controllable cancelation.