LAX's Tom Bradley International Terminal Wins LEED Gold Certification

 The new international terminal at LAX has won LEED Green certification. Photos: Fentress.

The new international terminal at LAX has won LEED Green certification. Photos: Fentress.

The new Tom Bradley International Terminal at Los Angeles International Airport may have been behind schedule and over budget, but at least it is environmentally friendly. 

We learned today that the new nearly $2 billion building, which opened in late 2013, received LEED Gold certification from the U.S. Green Building Council. 

According to the architects, Denver-based Fentress, the building, at 1.25 million square feet, is the largest LEED certified airport terminal the country. Granted, there are a lot of huge airport terminals being built in the United States these days, but I suppose we can congratulate Fentress. 

Here are some of the things that make the building Green, according to Fentress:

  • The new terminal is bright and airy, with abundant natural daylight and natural ventilation to minimize energy use.
  • Low-E glass was used along the airside concourse to minimize heat gain, and lighting controls reduce energy use.
  • Low-flow water fixtures have reduced water usage 47.8 percent over baseline predictions.
  • The building structure and finishes employed regional and recycled materials.
  • Sustainable techniques used during construction included designating specific routes to and from the site for construction vehicles, and recycling construction materials and demolition debris.
  • Concrete mixers and other equipment were placed onsite in order to reduce the number of trips made, and construction equipment was retrofitted with emission- and noise-reduction devices.

I've written some stories on construction issues at the terminal, but I admit it is gorgeous. You should check it out if you fly through L.A. It's not yet connected inside security with any other terminal, but I have heard you can get through security if you have a same-day boarding pass on any airline.