Why JetBlue is looking for new salt and pepper shakers

Remember my post last year about how JetBlue was was searching for a pretzel bread to serve in its Mint cabin between New York and Los Angeles and San Francisco? The airline's employees were taking the task seriously, searching for the perfect bread that would hold up at 35,000 feet.

I learned last week that I made their job much tougher. Apparently, when I mentioned the bread, the airline got inundated with unsolicited submissions from bakeries. For many vendors, it's a big deal to have your product served on JetBlue flights. 

I apologized to the team last week when when I visited JetBlue headquarters. But now, I fear, I might be repeating the mistake. 

JetBlue's product team has a new focus. It wants to replace the salt and pepper shakers in Mint. For now, JetBlue uses a traditional (you might say boring) set of shakers, but it's looking for something a bit cooler. The team has been collecting some ideas, which you can see below. 

What kind of shakers do you think JetBlue should choose?

Incidentally, included on that tray are two of Virgin America's first class salt and pepper shakers. Can you find them?