Need a cheap way to sleep at Helinski, Dubai or Abu Dhabi airports?

Need a cheap place to stay at the airport?

If you're traveling through Abu Dhabi, Dubai or Helinski, I may have your answer. A company called GoSleep is setting up pods inside the airport, similar to business class seats on an airplane. It's a tight squeeze -- the beds are only 200cm (6.5 feet) long by 70cm (2.3 feet) wide - but it isn't a bad option if you have a tight budget and limited time. 

Bloomberg published a story on the beds this week. Here's how it described the GoSleep product:

Following a trial two years ago, Helsinki airport has 19 permanent pods and may add more depending on demand, [airport executive Heikki] Koski said. The capsules are a simpler and less costly alternative to the air-side hotels on offer at some other terminals, he said, while declining to comment on the installation expenses.

Typical customers in Helsinki are transfer passengers who use the capsules for one to two hours between flights, or people faced with disruptions or delays. A handful of pods will come free through the spring to encourage people to experiment with them, with the rest costing 9 euros ($9.70) an hour.

Abu Dhabi, the first airport to become a GoSleep client in 2014, provides pod users with a disposable headrest cover, pillows and a blanket, while eye shades, earplugs and sleep socks available for an additional charge.

The pods are actually a bit more private - and clastrophobic - than they appear in the photograph above. The company's website has some nifty pictures describing how the bed works. You'll notice the ventilation holes on top of the pod so you won't go without fresh air. 

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 1.50.40 PM.png

There's also an informative FAQ section on GoSleep's website. Here's some of what I learned:

  • In summer peak season, customers who want to make advance booking must stay a minimum of two hours during the day. At night, customers must have a minimum stay of six hours. 
  • You may bring a small child into your pod. But two adults are not allowed in a single pod.
  • You may not consume food or drink in your pod. 

Has anyone ever used a GoSleep pod? How comfortable are they? If you haven't used one, would you?