Did an air marshal leave a loaded gun in a bathroom stall? And other interesting links

Happy Friday, everyone. Here are some interesting stories from this week. 

An Air Marshal may have left a loaded gun in an a bathroom at Newark Airport in March, a source told NJ.com.

Starting in 2017, Airbus will sell an Airbus A380 with 11 seats across in coach, rather than 10. Aviation Week.

The CEO of Turkish Airlines argues that married pilots are safer pilots. He wants his airline's pilots to wed.  Associated Press. 

What's the future of the four-engine jet at Boeing and Airbus? Reuters. 

This week Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said he wants to make it legal for UberX and Lyft drivers to pick up riders at Los Angeles International Airport. But one obstacle remains, according to the Los Angeles Daily News.

American Airlines really wants you to know it is the official airline of the Chicago Cubs. 

And finally. In a video, The Atlantic profiles Manchester Square, a residential area near Los Angeles International Airport. About 15 years ago, the airport started buying up homes in the neighborhood, saying the needed the land was needed for new projects. Now, only about five single-family homes remain. There were once about 500. The airport hasn't done anything with the land it already bought.