American Airlines is almost halfway finished with painting airplanes

American Airlines this week updated employees on how the carrier's paint project is going. Here is what we learned:

  • 44% of the total fleet, including new deliveries, is operating in the new livery
  • 104 of 301 US Airways mainline aircraft are repainted in new livery
  • All US Airways widebodies have been repainted in new livery
  • 169 of 325 American mainline aircraft repainted in new livery
  • 41% of the combined regional fleet that will get a new livery has been painted
  • Fourth Quarter 2017: Estimated date for all aircraft to be painted in the new livery

If these numbers don't quite add up for you, remember the airline is not planning to paint aircraft that will leave the fleet in the next two years. According to Terry Maxon of the Dallas Morning News, none of American's MD-80s will be painted, so they are not counted in the tally above. I believe some Boeing 757s also won't be painted.