Delta wants to fly cross country from New York LaGuardia

Delta Air Lines' president said this week that the carrier supports the lifting of the perimeter rule at New York LaGuardia Airport, a change that would allow the carrier to fly to several important cities, including San Francisco, Los Angeles and Seattle. 

You'll remember in February the Wall Street Journal reported that the Port Authority of New York and New Jersey said it was studying whether to remove the rule, which limits nearly all flights to cities more than 1,500 miles from New York. Denver is the one major exception.

"We think it’s something that’s incredibly important for New York as they build the future of aviation in the New York Metropolitan area and revisiting an outdated ruling from over 30 years," Delta president Ed Bastian told investment analysts this week, according to a transcript. 

LaGuardia has short runways, but that does not mean Delta can't fly large widebody jets from the airport, Bastian said. Delta has flown twin-aisle 767s from the airport before, without difficulty. The powerful and large 757 also easily operates from LaGuardia and has more than enough range.

"Well, an interesting factoid is that the 767-400 was developed for LaGuardia by Boeing for Delta," Bastian told analysts. "So the answer is, yes, 767s can fly. 757s can also fly."

Last month, American Airlines also said it would fly longer routes from LaGuardia if rules change

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