L.A. Mayor says LAX will lift ban on UberX and Lyft pickups

 Ready to take an UberX from LAX? It should soon be allowed. Photo: Uber. 

Ready to take an UberX from LAX? It should soon be allowed. Photo: Uber. 

Passengers arriving at Los Angeles International Airport will be able to hail ride-sharing cars operated by UberX and Lyft as soon as this summer, Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti said Tuesday in his state of the city address. 

This is big news for travelers, who have not been able to use ride-sharing apps from LAX since January 2014. The popular services stopped allowing LAX pickups when airport police stepped up enforcement of rules governing what services may access the terminal roadway. LAX is allowed to make its own guidelines for its roadways, and for now, those rules essentially keep rideshare drivers from picking up passengers. Those rules protect taxis and private car services, which pay big money to LAX for the right to operate there.

In January 2014, before rides were halted, a police source told me that airport police had issued 200 citations and arrested two UberX drivers over a roughly month-long period. 

There are different rules for dropoffs, so UberX and Lyft drivers still may bring passengers to LAX. 

I don't think Garcetti has said exactly how the new LAX system pickup will work. But my guess is that it will be similar to what has happened in San Francisco. There, the airport is using geofence technology to monitor movements of ride-share drivers. The technology ensures the the ride-sharing companies pay a fee of $3.85 to the airport for each pickup. 

I take a lot of taxis home from LAX, so for me, this can't happen soon enough. For now, UberX rides are considerably cheaper than taxis, though I am not sure this will always be the case. But I also usually find UberX is a more pleasant experience. 

What do you think? Are you excited to take UberX from LAX?