What do fliers want in an onboard internet product?

From the annals of public relations, we have a new survey of global fliers from Gogo, the Illinois-based purveyor of internet and streaming video. 

The Gogo Global Traveler Study mostly confirms what you would expect. Travelers crave connectivity and generally want to be connected or watch movies on their own devices, not ones embedded in the seat.

You can learn more by clicking on the slide deck below. But here are some aspects of the report I found interesting:

  • Gogo says fliers outside the United States are 23% more likely to be willing to pay for internet and 11% more likely to be willing to pay for "wireless entertainment." That entertainment is movies and television shows streamed from the airplane into a passenger's own wireless device. So I guess this means Americans are cheap.
  • In the U.S. about 76% of passengers bring their own device on an airplane. That's lower in Mexico and Latin America, where Gogo says 92% of passengers have their own gadget. 
  • Overall, one in three passengers use at least two personal electronic devices.