VIDEO: NBC News report on an American Airlines MD-80 retirement.

American Airlines is slowing retiring what had been the backbone of its fleet, the MD-80. I'm not sure this is a big deal, especially since American still has well over 100 of them, but on Monday, NBC Nightly News featured the MD-80 in its broadcast. 

The story follows the final flight on Sunday, March 1 of N595AA, a 23-year-old MD-80. After the flight from Baltimore to Dallas, NBC reported, American was retiring the aircraft after 71,000 flight hours. 

The story noted that many pilots love to fly the old plane because it is less automated than newer aircraft.   

"It's like an old shoe," Scott Alderink, American's MD-80 training manager, told NBC. 

One note about the video above. On the broadcast, NBC lumped in the MD-80 story with another one about an annual ranking of the nation's most reliable airlines. To go straight to the MD-80 story, fast forward to the 52 second mark.