Delta Air Lines focuses on reliability

 Delta takes operational reliability seriously. 

Delta takes operational reliability seriously. 

I've mentioned this a few times before, but Delta's operation performance the past two years has been astounding. The airline has made it a goal to cancel as few flights as possible. 

Here are some tidbits Delta president Ed Bastian shared this week with Wall Street analysts.

  • In 2014 Delta had 197 days without one single domestic mainline cancellation. That includes weather-related cancelations. ('Mainline' as many of you know, excludes Delta Connection flights.)
  • By Delta's calculations, its three largest competitors combined had 13 such days last year. 

What's Delta's secret? Part of it is about good people and leadership, Bastian said. 

"You need to do it with just an outstanding team of tech ops and mechanic professionals who can make this strategy work," he said. "So not only do we have the lowest ownership cost in the industry we also have the lowest maintenance unit cost, and the best reliability."

Bastian said Delta's operational reliability goals for 2015 are even higher. So stay tuned.