Did an A330 nearly crash because of the captain's personal camera? And other aviation links.

Good morning, everyone. These are the stories I have enjoyed this week. I'm leaving off time-sensitive Germanwings crash stories, as news changes very fast. 

An A330 "tanker transport" being flown by a U.K. Royal Air Force crew nearly crashed last year because of the "positioning of the captain’s personal camera." It's worse than it sounds. Aviation Week. 

China's Hainan Airlines will be picking up 30 Boeing 787-9s originally slated to go to United Airlines. American had been offered the slots first, but declined. WSJ. 

Ethiopian Airlines is preparing to flying between Dublin and Los Angeles beginning in June. Why? The Irish Times has the answer. 

New York Times columnist/deal czar Andrew Ross Sorkin wants to know why airfares have not fallen along with fuel prices. 

Flying to Tokyo Narita? That's so 1995. Airlines aren't as enamored with Narita anymore. Centre For Aviation. 

This is a ridiculous headline from CNN. "How safe are European airlines?" The answer, as any sane person knows, is very, very safe. 

Airline Reporter visited Nut King. Its claim to fame? It's the snack provider to many of the world's airlines. Think pretzels. 

Our video of the day. A Lufthansa flight from Chicago to Munich chases the solar eclipse.

And finally, our Tweet of the day. Ever wonder what a plane crash drill looks like?