Interested in La Compagnie? Read my piece.

If you want to fly between Europe and the United States in business class at coach prices, you have one - and only one - choice. 

As I write today on Conde Nast Traveler's website, you may fly La Compagnie, the French startup now flying between Paris and Newark. Soon, La Compagnie will begin a second flight between London's London Airport and Newark. La Compagnie has been selling the London flight for as low as $1,007. And yes, that's roundtrip. 

If you want to learn more about La Compagnie, head over to 

And for a not that positive review of La Compagnie's product, check out OneMileAtATime's recent post on the airline. 

Have you flown La Compagnie? If so, how was it? If not, would you consider the airline?