By the numbers: Some tidbits on Air Canada Rouge

 Air Canada Rouge flight attendants have amusing hats: Photo: Air Canada.

Air Canada Rouge flight attendants have amusing hats: Photo: Air Canada.

Last week, I reported on my recent flights on Air Canada Rouge between Los Angeles and Calgary. Rouge is Air Canada's discount brand, and its airplanes have far more seats than a typical Air Canada flight. The configuration is cozy.

To cut costs, Air Canada has hired flight attendants from outside the airline, rather than transferring them from the regular operation.  Most are much younger and a bit perkier than the typical airline crew. They also wear fantastic hats. 

Last year, when Air Canada was looking to hire new flight attendants based in Western Canada, it published some interesting data on what it calls, "Rouge crew."

From that hiring period, here's more information about Rouge flight attendants:

  • 650 – rouge crew by end of 2014
  • 20 –approximate number of rouge crew needed for each aircraft on the Air Canada rouge fleet
  • 25 – average age of a rouge crew member
  • Over 16000 – resumes received so far for rouge crew positions
  • Several thousand – resumes Air Canada rouge is hoping to receive for Western Canada
  • 18 – number of uniform pieces provided for every rouge crew member
  • 3 – number of luggage pieces provided for every rouge crew member. 
  • 2 pairs of grey Fluevogs (flats and heels) for women and 1 pair of grey Fluevogs (brogues) for men on the rouge crew
  • 12,343 – average number of steps a rouge crew member takes in their Fluevogs on a return trip to Europe
  • Over 95% - customers that rated the rouge crew favourably on helpfulness, friendliness and appearance on a recent onboard survey

These famous "Fluevogs," by the way, are fancy brand of shoes. It seems weird to me that someone would take a job for the shoes, but I suppose you never know. 

And finally, I can't do a Rouge post without mentioning actor Rob Lowe, who had poked fun last year at the airline in a series of tweets.  Enjoy them if you haven't seen them already.

Have you flown Rouge? What did you think?