Air China trivia time! Win a prize!

 It's time for Air China trivia! Photo: Boeing. 

It's time for Air China trivia! Photo: Boeing. 

We learned this week Air China will move from double daily to triple daily service between Beijing and Los Angeles starting in July. 

I have two questions. 

  1. In what year did Air China start flying between Los Angeles and Beijing?
  2. How many flights per week did Air China start with?

I know we have some knowledgable folks reading this blog, so I am expecting a lot of correct answers. Please leave your guesses in the comments section. 

I will randomly select one person who answers correctly to win a nice piece of Air China swag. I'm not certain, but I believe this is a paper weight made to look like a propeller.  I'll pay for the shipping, with one caveat - you should live in the United States. 

If no one gets it right by Feb. 25, I'll just choose on person who was close.