JetBlue has a new CEO. And other strong airline links of the past few days.

Happy Presidents Day, everyone! (Well, if you live in the United States.) Also condolences to all who have braved poor weather of late. It was a great beach weekend in Los Angeles. 

Here are some recent airline stories I have enjoyed.

JetBlue Airways has a new CEO, former British Airways executive Robin Hayes. He might be more interested in raising revenue than his predecessor.  Scott Mayerowitz/Associated Press. 

Why have European airlines been so slow to install wifi? Reuters. 

What happens after an airline files a mistake fare? Grant Martin of Skift tries to explain. 

In a story called "A first Class Cock-up," The Economist tackles the recent United Airlines mistake fare that had the carrier selling super cheap tickets in Danish Kroner. 

A scorpion stung a woman on a flight leaving Los Angeles. USA Today. 

Hilton wants to "redefine" the airport hotel. Skift.

And finally, a Twitter follower (@martianbogon) calls our attention to a video of five Airbus A350s flying together in formation.