Are travelers faking disabilities to fly with pets? And other links from the weekend

Happy Monday, everyone. I was following the weekend's aviation news so you did not have to. Here is what you might have missed. 

The New York Post says people are faking disabilities to fly with their pets. 

A Horizon Airlines Q400 hit a deer while landing in Santa Rosa, California. The Press-Democrat.

The E.U. will relax foreign ownership rules for airlines. Financial Times. [Will the U.S. follow? I doubt it.]

Low cost carriers in China are growing. Reuters. 

SkyMall is back on United Airlines - sort of. Los Angeles Times. 

I don't usually link to defense stories, but the New York Times has a neat story on the B52 bomber, which is expected to fly until at least 2040. It is now in its 60th year of service.

Everything you ever wanted to know about ETOPS from Ken Hoke, a pilot for a major package company and one of my favorite bloggers. Aerosavvy. 

Frontier Airlines is considering an IPO, Bloomberg says. 

Finally, have you seen the paper seat models created by Singapore Airlines? They're impressive.