Photo gallery: Delta Air Lines flies L.A. children to the North Pole to meet Santa. (Sort of.)

Delta Air Lines took a bunch of Los Angeles-area children to the North Pole this week to meet Santa Claus.

OK, they did not actually fly anywhere. But about 100 kids, including many from Children's Hospital Los Angeles, boarded a chartered Boeing 737-900 at LAX for what the airline calls a "fast taxi" around the airfield. 

The plane eventually made its way to a Delta hangar, which volunteers made up to look like Santa's Village. 

I covered this event a couple of years ago, and it's fun to watch the kids. Some of them even seem to think they're actually in the North Pole. A lot of them had never been on an airplane before. Many of Delta's competitors also have similar programs. 

Here are some pictures of Wednesday's event, all of which come from Getty Images and Delta.