United brings back slippers on Asia flights. (In premium cabins.)

 I recently had slippers on Asiana and they were fantastic. 

I recently had slippers on Asiana and they were fantastic. 

This is a minor matter, but, hey, it's a holiday week.

United Airlines says it has brought back slippers in first and business class on nearly all of its Asia flights. 

The slipper is an inexpensive yet fantastic addition to the premium cabin experience. On flights without slippers, going to the bathroom is a chore. You have probably already taken off your shoes to get comfortable, but you probably must put them back on to stand in the bathroom. That's a pain. 

I believe United is bringing back slippers not to make my walk to the bathroom easier, but to improve how it caters to certain Asian markets. 

Here's what United told flight attendants. 

As part of the initiative to evaluate ways to become more competitive in the Asian Market, we are expanding the premium cabin slipper program to all remaining Asian markets, including Trans-Pacific, Intra-Asia, and GUM to Asia (e.g. GUM-HKG,GUM-ICN).

You will begin to see slippers on your flights in these markets beginning Dec. 14. This expansion is for premium cabins only and excludes South Pacific and Intra-Micronesia flights.

United flight attendants were also reminded to be careful on Japan and Guam flights. "Reminder," the note said. "Do not deliver slippers from a linen-lined silver tray or with soles facing up."

You would not want to make a slipper faux pas.