Happy New Year, everyone! Here are your favorite stories from 2015


2015 was the first full year for this blog, and it was a good one. Hundreds of thousands of readers found this site, and I am grateful to all of for reading. When I started in late 2014, I never expected so many people would read my musings on the airline industry.

As we celebrate the new year, I wanted to share the most read stories from this blog in 2015. Some are a little bit on the sensational side (like No. 2) but I guess that's what the public wants. 

If you've read all these stories, fear not. I'll be back after the holiday with fresh content.

1.  How American Airlines flew the wrong A321 to Hawaii

2. Man urinates in coffee cups on United Express flight, police say

3. United Airlines flight attendants will use iPhone 6s to wish you 'happy birthday'

4. United Airlines Chairman's Circle: The super secret elite level for top customers

5. How United Airlines is cracking down on 'mistake fares'

6. Gail Gorski, first United Airlines female pilot, dies

7. Read the memo: What United is telling customer service agents to say.