Here are the new American Airlines employee uniforms.

American Airlines has nearly finished designing its new employee uniforms, and you should see them on workers starting in September 2016.

 "The new designs incorporate wear tester and employee feedback that the uniform team gathered during the second wear test, which ended a few weeks ago," American said in this week's employee newsletter. "All of the garments performed well for fit, flexibility and design – except for the wrap dress and scarf – which we’re working to refine with partners such as Cole Haan."

You may remember an earlier pilot uniform included a double-breasted jacket similar to what Delta's pilots wear. But I'm told pilots in general did not love the double-breasted look, so American went with the new design instead. 

Here's an earlier version of the new uniforms in a photo released about a year ago. 

This week's American newsletter asked Brady Byrnes, senior manager for uniforms, about how employees help tweak the initial designs. Here's what he said. 

Our employees played a critical role in the design and development of these uniforms, from fabric selection to shirt length. It’s truly a collaborative effort with the design teams to ensure the uniforms are functional as well as fashionable. We’ve gathered feedback from almost 25,000 employees in the uniform survey, as well as through email, comments and calls that have come in during the design process. We also held many meetings with representatives from each workgroup and the design team. As a group, we continue to refine the core pieces and additional items, such as wings and nameplates.

What do you think of the new uniforms?

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