United Airlines will bring out the dogs for Christmas

You can never go wrong tying your brand to puppies. People love them. 

So we should not be surprised that United Airlines, a brand that has had a rough year, is finishing 2015 by bringing "comfort" dogs to all of its U.S. hubs except San Francisco. The former United hub in Cleveland is also getting the dogs. 

Look for them from Dec. 21 through Dec. 23. I declined a chance to speak with a United rep about the program, so I'm afraid all I can offer is the United produced GIF below. It looks like you can win free air tickets if you use the official hashtag. 

If you're not flying United this holiday season, you may still have a chance to pet some dogs, depending on where you fly. As of last year, according to USA Today, 27 different airports had dog programs, including Los Angeles, San Jose, Miami, Oklahoma City and San Antonio. 

Airlines and airports swear that passengers are calmer after they pet the dogs. 

"When the dogs are in the terminals you can feel the stress level drop," the head of LAX's dog program told USA Today. "Expressions change. People look up from their laptops and their phones. They take pictures. They come over to pet the dogs. Conversations start between strangers. And even people just passing by begin to smile."

Have you ever taking time to pet a dog at an airport? Did it make you calmer?