Are airlines padding their schedules? And other airline links.

Happy Tuesday, everyone. Here are some of the aviation stories I have enjoyed recently. 

Airlines are padding their schedules in Chicago. And most places, really. It helps improve on-time performance.  Chicago Tribune. 

Not surprisingly, on-time numbers are much better. In October, more than 80 percent of flights landing on time according to the DOT. AP.

Celebs often get whisked through VIP corridors at LAX. Here's how American Airlines does it. Yahoo Travel. 

American Airlines wants to privatize air traffic control. Cranky Flier.  

Time is running out for the Boeing 747. But Russia might be able to save it. Bloomberg.

American Airlines is introducing a new premium economy section for long-haul flights. Skift's Grant Martin asks how it compares with the international competition. 

There's yet another story about how U.S. airlines are struggling to compete with the three largest Middle East airlines. This one from New York Times. 

Finally, would you pay extra to sit in a private skydeck? A company called Windspeed Technologies hopes to persuade airlines that you will. CNN has a story. Or you can just watch the video below.